Starting Elfassy Foods - A Spicy Journey

Almost 2-years ago, I decided to turn my family’s passion for the harissa I was making for our tables into a product that could be shipped and shared beyond my New York apartment. It has been no small endeavor. From testing and tweaking our recipes to slinging test batches of harissa in 7 ounce deli containers (sorry if they broke in the mail on the way to you) - the feedback and support from our early supporters was absolutely central to the entire process.

Thanks to all of you we have two amazing recipes (hot and mild) that are ready to rock, with more in development. Thanks to you we created a beautiful logo & label design, that we finally revealed to Grandma last month at Passover dinner, much to her delight. Thanks to you, we were the 2021 gold medal winner in Sauce King NYC's Metro NYC Startup category (pretty awesome!).

And most of all - thanks to you, I get to inform all of my incredible friends, family and early cheerleaders that Elfassy is officially soft launching.

Enjoy - and thanks for your continued support!


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WhooooHoooo 🎉 Can’t wait to dig in! 😘

Anne Curran

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