Why We’ll Make *Zero Dollars* This Month 🇲🇦

Why We’ll Make *Zero Dollars* This Month 🇲🇦

I don’t think anyone has been untouched by the sobering images coming out of Morocco following the 6.8 magnitude earthquake late Friday night. People trying to dig out their loved ones with their bare hands, the incalculable loss of life and history as buildings crumble & collapse.

I worked in the news for close to a decade and still haven’t figured out how to wrap my head around horrors like this. As a Moroccan-American, this tragedy hits a little closer to home as the death toll continues to rise.

As many of you know, my grandmother - the namesake and inspiration for our harissa company - was born and raised in Fez. She taught me to - in the face of loss, when you can’t do much else - find comfort in the kitchen. That’s probably why I ultimately started Elfassy during the pandemic.

For the entire month of September, ALL PROFITS from the sale of Elfassy harissa will be donated to the Morocco Red Crescent Society’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund.

I hope you’ll consider buying a harissa or two to help us do what we can for our brothers and sisters in Morocco — or else donating directly to an organization on the ground.

In friendship, solidarity and grief.

-Ethan Fedida
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